Her Life

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A Woman's Search for her Face
Eight years back, just as Anu Mukherjee got into an auto, a man lifted his shawl and hurled acid on her face. She cannot see what the acid has done. Her eyes have lost all light behind sockets of melted skin and her nose is half constructed. She hopes to get multiple surgeries done, but she may never reclaim her lost face. Perhaps she could get what’s close to a human face, with features in place, but not what she owned and was proud of. In the beginning, her former patrons had been of help. But not for long. A few are still around. But she has run into huge debts, and worries how she will pay for her surgeries. Her only solace is her dog frooty, her dancing which still takes her into a trance, her whisky and her Sundays at the church congregation.
- text by Chinki Sinha for Open Magazine
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